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What is Werzalit?

What is Werzalit?!

Werzalit is a patented manufacturing process created by Werzalit AG & Co. of Germany. The process combines wood, resins and melamine to produce a unique composite that is great to be used in numerous applications such as tabletops, building products and other specialty items. Werzalit applications are designed to endure extreme environments and conditions including heavy moisture, weather and surface abrasion. Additionally, Werzalit is very safe as it does not splinter or shatter like glass and cannot be damaged by ice, snow, or UV. The Melamine used in Werzalit is so hard and non-porous that it is scratch resistant and even resistant to to graffiti, cigarette burns, bird droppings and all types of food stains. To clean Werzalit all you need is a household cleaner and steel wool.

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